Chief Happiness Officer Academy - 29 October - 10 December, 2021



Why become a Chief Happiness Officer?

In this video founder Alexander Kjerulf discusses why he started the CHO Academies, and why you should join!

Online Woohoo Academy!

Certified Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) Training

Start October 29, 2021

Our certified online training from Woohoo is now available online! Same great content as the in-person Academy, adapted for life online. We invite you to get certified as a Chief Happiness Officer on your own schedule and from the comfort of your own home (and in your pyjamas too, if that’s what you’re into!)

Join us in October for our next Online CHO Academy where we teach you everything we know about happiness at work – or as much of it as we can cram into 6 weeks. Get an in-depth background in happiness at work, hear about the latest research in the field, and learn how to use this in your business.

Interested in joining the next series of this awesome training? Let us know! The next cohort starts in October 2021.

Woohoo Academy: what to expect?

Since 2003, Woohoo has been paving the way for creating happier, healthier workplaces, and has trained hundreds of experts around the world through our Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) Academy.

This highly immersive program has been adapted to offer an unforgettable online learning experience. Spread across 6 weeks, this program will give you everything you need to successfully create lasting, positive change within the workplace – regardless of where that might be!

The Online Academy – at a glance

Date: October 29, 2021 (6 weeks) -December 10, 2021

Location: Online

Structure: Combination of training sessions once a week, pre-recorded videos, individual homework assignments, group assignments, and live mentor-coaching from a certified Chief Happiness Officer.

Number of participants: Our groups will always be between 8-15 participants, to ensure you get the best learning and networking experience possible.

Flexibility: Weekly live sessions will be recorded in case you’re not able to attend one of the weeks. We’re also happy to discuss other arrangements if you need additional flexibility.

Who it’s for?

The training is ideal for:

  • Organizations that are struggling with employee engagement, low morale, lack of social connectedness, or the wider challenges brought about by COVID-19
  • HR professionals, managers, internal facilitators and employees who want to gain the knowledge and tools to make their organization happier and healthier

  • External consultants who want to help their clients to create a happy, healthy workplace

What you'll get

This training will give you everything you need to successfully make workplaces happier. Here’s an example of what you’ll learn, and the resources you’ll get through the Academy:

  • The latest theory and science of happiness at work. Everything we do is based on research from psychology, neuroscience, sociology, management science, etc. We will give you an overview of the most relevant findings from these fields and how they apply in the workplace.
  • The practice of happiness at work. We will share all of our best and most effective tools and exercises so that you can then use them yourselves.
  • Real-life best practices. We will share a catalog of tools and methods that we’ve seen work well with our clients all over the world.
  • How to present the business case. We will work on your presentation skills, specifically aimed at giving you tips and tricks on how to present on happiness at work.
  • How to sell this to others. How do you sell the idea of happiness at work – either inside your own organisation or to potential clients?
  • Pitfalls and traps. What can go wrong? What must you avoid? How and why do happiness interventions fail?
  • Networking and sharing with smart engaged professionals who are as passionate about creating happier workplaces as you are.
  • Access to a community of Chief Happiness Officers around the world. As part of your training you will receive 3 months free access to all the Woohoo Partnership materials. You'll also gain access to the wider Woohoo Partnership community, a network of over 40 companies around the world that are experts in creating an amazing employee experience and happy and healthy workplaces. By joining this community, you'll experience a group of people who will support you, challenge you and help you grow in your happiness journey.

Get started now!

The program in detail

In this Academy we cover the following topics:

Meet & Greet Online, with fun and (bring-your-own) drinks to build connections
A thorough introduction to the theory and practice of happiness at work.
  • Why all our work is (and must be) evidence-based
  • An introduction to the latest research into happiness at work
  • Kahneman’s hybrid model of happiness – the best model we’ve found so far
  • The most important lessons from positive psychology and other disciplines that apply to workplaces
  • What makes people happy at work
  • Why raises, bonuses, perks and promotions have a very limited effect
  • Why happy workplaces are more profitable
  • How happiness at work affects the individual
  • The role of managers in creating happy workplaces
  • How to measure happiness at work
  • Examples of happy workplaces and what they do
  • Our best exercises and tools
  • How to set the right mood and get participants actively involved
  • How to structure a happiness process for optimal impact
  • How happiness projects fail – common pitfalls to avoid
  • Common objections to happiness at work and how to counter them
  • How to get management buy-in
  • How to get employees involved
  • How to show companies the business advantages of happy staff

What past participants say about the program:

"I valued a lot the positive energy of the teachers, the real cases and practice, the numerous examples and the ways to connect and interract (breakout, ice breakers, chat, padlets, …). ... Overall super, big THANK YOU to all of you ! Well done Ladies!"

"There is really nothing I would change and I almost NEVER don't have a suggestion. I thought it ran like clockwork. I loved the case studies and the interviews with Henry and Cathy. I wasn't sure that such a big group would work but it really did"

"I love the energy, commitment, and enthusiasm that you all put into the program. I really appreciate that! I learnt a lot of things from the course, and I'm so excited to share and apply all the theories, ideas into practice. Especially, my biggest success is meeting and knowing many amazing people around the world."

"I thought the course was incredibly thorough, I really appreciated the depth of the content, the amount of content, and it was a really great way to absorb all the information over 6 weeks... I feel lucky that it was online because how would I ever take ALL that information in a few days?! The trainers were wonderful, I appreciated all the effort and openness to share their knowledge. ... Thank you all for the amazing work, I felt really supported and truly learned a lot!"

Your Instructor

Woohoo Unlimited
Woohoo Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on October 29 and ends on December 10, 2020. You can go through the material of each week at your own pace and you must be present at the live sessions.
What is the cancellation policy?
We know plans can change. Please note our cancellation policy: * Cancellations received two weeks before Start date: 100% refund (minus any transaction fees). * Cancellations received after that are non-refundable, but the ticket can be transferred to another person or to another Academy date.